Diamond K5 Australian Cattle Dogs

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All puppies have found their new homes.  Please get on the waiting list for next litter. 

None AVAILABLE at this time 

See previous litter below...

  • Group of Tater tots
    Group of Tater tots
  • 1ST1 Red Male
    1ST1 Red Male
  • 1ST2 Blue Male
    1ST2 Blue Male
  • 1ST2 Blue Male
    1ST2 Blue Male
  • 1ST3  Female
    1ST3 Female
  • 1ST1 Red Male
    1ST1 Red Male
  • 1ST4 Blue Female
    1ST4 Blue Female
  • 1ST4 Blue Female
    1ST4 Blue Female
  • 1ST5 Blue Female
    1ST5 Blue Female
  • 1ST5 Blue Female
    1ST5 Blue Female
  • 1ST3 Female
    1ST3 Female
  • Dam:  Octavia
    Dam: Octavia
  • Dam:  Octavia - blue
Sire:  Scout - red
    Dam: Octavia - blue Sire: Scout - red
  • Sire:  Scout
    Sire: Scout
  • Sire:  Scout
    Sire: Scout
  • Dam:  Octvia
    Dam: Octvia
  • Red
  • Cinch, ACD01ST02 Blue male
    Cinch, ACD01ST02 Blue male
  • Kinky, ACD01ST03 female
    Kinky, ACD01ST03 female
  • Billet, ACD01ST04 Blue female
    Billet, ACD01ST04 Blue female
  • Pommel, ACD01ST05 Blue female
    Pommel, ACD01ST05 Blue female
  • Latigo, ACD01ST01 Red male
    Latigo, ACD01ST01 Red male
  • ACD01ST02 male
    ACD01ST02 male
  • ACD01ST03 female
    ACD01ST03 female
  • ACD01ST04 female
    ACD01ST04 female
  • ACD01ST05 female
    ACD01ST05 female
  • ACD01ST01 male
    ACD01ST01 male

Scout x Octavia
DOB: January 23, 2018
Ready: March 20, 2018
2 males, 3 female
Registered AKC
Enrolled in the AKC Puppy Protection Program


Deposit accepted through PayPal. 

PayPal and Credit Cards are accepted as a courtesy to you so there will be a 3.6% fee added to the deposit amount. 

Before any transactions contact Diamond K5.  

Contact DK5 for further information or full registration
[email protected] 

We now have the AKC Puppy Protection Plan to pass on to our customers. 
All puppies will be pre-registered with AKC, this way there will be no worries on your part about what needs to be done. 
At NO cost to you! 
Plus look at all the bonuses you will receive!

Please ** NOTE **
Deposits are non-refundable.
The difference between limited and full registration: 
Limited is an agreement that "You" will have the pup spayed/neutered 
at the appropriate age before a year old. 
Full is you are getting a breeding dog and guaranteed it will produce a litter.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Diamond K5

As a courtesy to you we accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal for the purchase of Our Puppies!
When using PayPal or Credit Cards there will be a 3.6% fee to each transaction.
Please contact us before making any transactions!
We will NOT place/sale a dog/pup to you without 
first talking on the phone or meeting in person. 
Only possible exception would be living in another 
country and/or do not speak English. 
Due to the nature of the market, 
we reserve the right to change prices without notice 

Sales Terminolgy

AVAILABLE ~ exactly as it states. 
PENDING ~ verbal agreement of adoption has been placed and are waiting for a deposit. 
RESERVED ~ deposit cleared and we are awaiting final payment; 
or being held for evaluation to stay with Diamond K5. 
ADOPTED/SOLD ~ Puppy is paid in full and contract received. 

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